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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

AR Guidelines

Revised guidelines: January 3, 2011

·        Each child will be responsible for reading and testing on 6 AR books each 9 weeks.

·        I will average the top 6 AR test grades for one AR grade each nine weeks.

·        They may read more than 6 to replace grades they aren’t happy with.  I will take the average of the top 6 grades.  On the same token, if they don’t read 6 they will have 0’s for those books not read.

·        I will give a printout every couple of weeks to give them a report of how many they have read.

·        This will begin today, January 3. No books will be carried over from last semester.

·        The slate will start clean each 9 weeks.

·        The deadlines will be March 8 (3rd nine weeks)

·                                                   May 17th (4th nine weeks)


You are to read an AR book on grade level.

     4th grade - Level 3.5 - 5.0

     5th grade - Level 4.5 - 6.0

**These levels may be individualized for each student and will be written in the front of your planner.  They may also change as the year progresses. 

**Non-fiction and fiction books accepted as long as they are on grade level.

**Here is the link to see if a book is an AR book.  Since we have the new system there are lots of choices that are AR books and when new books come out they are added quickly.



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